Golden Curls Ranch


Golden Curls Ranch

Friends and Affliates:

1. US Wild Horse & Burro Association-

Angie is the South Central Region Director with US Wild Horse and Burro Association. Please contact her via email at for more information.

2. Curly Mustang Association

:  Angie is Secretary of Curly Mustang Association with the International Curly Horse Organization. Feel free to contact her with questions.

3. American Bashkir Curly -

: Angie is a Vice President and at Large Board Member of American Bashkir Curly Registry. Feel free to contact her with questions.

4. Curly Horse Country-

Curly Horse Country is a wealth of information for all horse owners with special emphasis on curly horses. A listing of Curly horses for sale and breeders are found on this website as well as the history of the Curly horse and the many wonderful people who helped us better understand our Curly equines. This informational website is one you will be referring back to often.

5. International Curly Horse Organization -

Golden Curls Ranch is a proud member of the International Curly Horse Organization (ICHO). We would like introduce you to the many different types of Curly Horses. You can visit ICHO and read about the history of Curly Horses, and find those who raise and breed mini-Curly and Draft Sport Horses. This is a wonderful source for Curly enthusiasts and we hope you will visit them soon.

6. Habitat for Horses -

Golden Curls Ranch is a member of this wonderful organization. We have adopted our Jennies, Salsa and Sarita through this organization which is based out of Hitchcock, Texas. There are many wonderful people involved in this organization who help give horses and donkeys a second chance to live a healthy and happy life.
Click here to see our adopted donkeys!

7. EquineNow Horses for Sale -

8. HorseTack Now -

HorseTackNow is your source for the best online selection of horse tack. We are your one-stop shop for horse bits, bareback riding pads, bridles, reins & more and have great prices and fantastic customer service to back it up.

9. Cowboy Showcase-

Cowboy Showcase, home of the western spirit featuring authentic stories, western craftsmen, artists, horses, Dutch-oven cooking, and much more.

****Please consider adopting, you will be making a positive difference in your life and theirs****




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