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SOLD! - Renegait Cinnamon River
Our handsome Renegait Cinnamon River has arrived at his new home with a very beautiful and special family, The Price Family. River is a smooth coated Curly/MFT with a wonderful personality. I have had the honor of having River in my life for the past seven years and know that he will be continue to be a willing partner for Anna. I also look forward to sharing Anna and River's future equestrian accomplishments.

Renegait Chesterfield "Chester"

SOLD! - Golden Red Nevada's Buckle

Warrior Mead Berndt Lakota

Jubilee's Curly J

SOLD! - H Creek Colonel Travis

Lazy L's Curly Joe "Cheetoe"

Red River Canyon Allie

Stetson's Golden Sunshine

Copper D's Golden Red


Curly Mustangs

Golden Red's Nevada Blossom

Golden Curls American Honey

Wyoming's Golden Pearl

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