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Are Curly Horses Hypo-allergenic? Honestly, I do not have allergies to horses. It's a good thing as I spend lots of time nuzzling their wonderful faces and manes. So when I received a call from a grandmother who is a horse person in Oklahoma whose grandson was allergic to their quarter horses I invited her to bring her grandson to come visit our Curlies and find out.

Gage is a handsome little fella around the age of four and loves animals, especially horses. He also has a favorite mule he rides but is allergic to him as well. So with Gage's little brother in tow we walked over to the meet and greet our youngest Curly Horse, Bucky and his "guardian uncle" Cheetoe.
Cheetoe is a sweetheart with paint markings. He had been a parade pony for years and retired. We found he needed a home over a year ago and my neighbor was looking for a "bomb proof" pony for her four year old granddaughter as we brought Cheetoe to her home. Once she outgrew Cheetoe he came to our home to be part of our Curly herd.

Until, I saw Gage and he connect with Cheetoe. They spent a lot of time just smelling and rubbing each other. Gage had a few sniffles but seemed pretty content to stay with Cheetoe. We walked over to a few of our boarded horses who are Quarter Horses and Tennessee Walkers and within two minutes Gage was crying, his eyes were red and watery and he said; "I want to go home".

I remember seeing him sneezing sitting in his car seat as his mother drove out of our gate.
Here is a picture of Gage and Cheetoe. Cheetoe was Gage's Christmas present from Golden Curls Ranch and his grandmother. Cheetoe again has found a good job helping more little people. His grandmother says they are really good friends and Gage can ride without all the sneezing and swollen eyes.
So are Curly Horses Hypoallergenic? Come on out and visit them and you tell me. Meantime, all I know is there are really wonderful horses who love to connect with you whether your in the saddle or just nuzzling their faces or manes.

All my best,

"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much your generosity was appreciated a week ago Sunday.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed all of your animals.  I was so impressed with the American Curly Mustang breed.  I was talking a bit with Lynn Novay last weekend and she was telling me more about how they are in such danger of being eliminated.  I don't know if there is anything I can do to help with the cause, but I am sure willing to assist in any way I can.  Chester and Curly J were awesome rides! And all of your Curly's had such great dispositions.  Very impressive!" 
- Lisa Weaver

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