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Golden Curls Ranch and our very special BLM (Bureau of Land Management) gathered Curly Mustang Golden Curls American Honey would like to thank everyone for their support during the 2011 SEMM (Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover). We are very proud of both Clint Hall, our trainer and exhibitor for the competition and our American Honey. They worked hard and competed against top quality Mustangs and trainesrs across the United States.
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On a hot, humid, Sunday in August, Levi and I left Texas to pick up a little colt stub whom we adopted on BLM's internet adoption. He was more handsome in person than the pictures could ever show. Sparky, and 12 other Curly Mustangs were rounded up in the Black Rock East Mountains. He is a gentle, calm little guy and as his photos show, a very curly, well built Bay. He is a new member of Golden Curls Ranch and his bloodline will live on here in Texas.

If you would like to learn more about BLM Curly Mustangs please feel free to contact me. Our association, Curly Mustang Association, are members who are interested in learning more about Curly Mustang through research. We also help folks who are interested in giving these wonderful horses forever homes. Currently, Dr. Gus Cothran at Texas A&M University is conducting gene mapping to learn more about Curly Mustangs' fiber, ancestry and hypo-allergenic features. The Curly Mustangs are truly rare and are a valued part of our equine world.

Copper D's Golden Red
BLM Freezemark #04605824
NACHR # - 1200 D

Copper D's Golden Red, a five year old Curly Red Dun mare with a very curly mane and ears, was captured January 5, 2009 in Battle Mountain Field, Lander County, Nevada. She is a Curly Mustang with very clear zebra strips on her legs. Blood tests taken of Golden Red at time of capture has given us an almost identical DNA match to Benny Damele's famous stallion   Copper D.

In 1879, John Damele set up a ranch known as Three Bar 3Bar, in an area called Dry Creek near Eureka, Neveda, coming over from Genoa, Italy. Two generations later, his grandson, Benny Damele, a well respected stockman, discovered Curly horses were stronger and survived the cold, harsh winters better than other horses. In fact, it is said most all the ranch's horses died in the winter freeze of 1952 except a few Curly mares and a young stud colt, later to be known as Copper D.

Mr.Damele's favorite horse, Copper D, is said to have worked all day, every day until around age 21. It is said that when Benny was told by his friend, an Indian medicine man, that he was dying, he turned Copper D out with another old mare back to roam the mountains where he was born. This area is known as the Rocky Hills and Fish Creek HMA.

Copper D's Golden Red and her filly, Nevada's Blossom, according to those present at the capture, were within thirty miles of the area where Copper D was turned loose. We are thrilled to have Copper D's Golden Red and Nevada Blossom at Golden Curls Ranch and look forward to sharing this wonderful bloodline with the Curly Horse community.

Golden Red's Nevada's Blossom
BLM Freezemark #07603969
NACHR # - 1201 S

Golden Red's Nevada Blossom was captured with her mother Copper D's Golden Red in Battle Mountain, Lander County, Nevada on January 5, 2009. Blossom is a beautiful two year sorrel filly with a Star, Strip and Snip on her expressive face. Blossom has proven to be a very intelligent horse with a wonderful comformation to match. As with most Mustangs, Blossom has wonderful hooves and was a very good girl on her first barefoot trim.

Blossom is in the saddle as is her mother Golden Red. Blossom is very loving and listens to her partner closely. She is very aware of her surroundings, but like her Curly horse cousins she does not spooky easily.

Blossom is a straight Curly. Yes, a straight curly has the Curly gene but does not show the curls. She will probably pass the Curly gene to her foals when bred.

Nevada's Blossom has a great bloodline coming from Benny Damele's Copper D stallion. She has proven to be like the wonderful Curly Mustangs Benny Damele knew in those wonderful mountains off I-80 in Central Nevada.

Golden Red's Nevada's Blossom
BLM Freezemark #07603969
NACHR # - 1201 S

My Curly Mustang, American Honey, is a five year old mare who was gathered in 2009 in the Winnemucca area of Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management

On Saturday, April 16th, 2011, friends and family joined us in the Stockyards of Ft. Worth, Texas where we shared a room with others who were anticipating the adoption of their chosen Mustangs. American Honey was number 20. I had already named her before we went. She looks like the color of pure, southern honey and has a sweet and inviting personality like honey, too, so she would be known as Golden Curls American Honey. American Honey is our fourth adopted BLM Curly Mustang

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